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5 Free Games For Windows Phone


Windows Phone, Do you have a device that uses a windows phone? if you have, here are 5 free games for your windows phone.

1. RomanEmpire

This game required with Windows phone 7.5 or higher and download size 4 MB.

Game Features :

  • User friendly guidance helping you learn the game in extremely short time.
  • Thrilling and interesting historical quests
  • Fantastic graphics restoring the original history
  • Regular updates totally free of charge
  • Deep strategy including constructions researces, troop training, equipment forging
  • Live chat with many channels making full interaction and communication
  • Fighting with thousands of players
  • Siding with Spartacus, Senatus or Caesar and leading their unique units and heroes.
  • Uniting your friends to form a great alliance legion

2. Bug Village

Bug Village required with Windows phone 7.5 or higher and download size 39 MB. This game tells the story of a small town where you build and nurture a colony of Active ants and bees busy then build the house to attract Playful Bugs and direct them to the garden to gather resources to expand your village.

3. Happy Fisher

Happy Fisher required with Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

Download Size : 25 MB

if you want to know this game click  here

4. Shuriken Ninja

Required with Windows Phone 7 or higher

Download size : 12 MB

App will user : owner identity, music and video library, phone identity, data service.

Download here

5. Skee Ball 7

Skee Ball 7 required with Windows phone 7.5 or higher, this game is a classic skee Ball game for your phone and simply flick your finger to get the ball into the holes for points.

Download here

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