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Why Accreditation Service Your Program?


Accreditation Service – The International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) is an organizational group committed to ensuring competence, able management, including assistance to the people by helping also setting rules for allowing certification also credential details. In 1996 a group of association executives hired ICAC as a nonprofit organization with the aim of evaluating certification programs at a reasonable level so that smaller organizations were able. Across the times, ICAC has happened a whole process to evaluate certification records against global standards. In this way, authorized organizations can improve on existing certification details and also show that public that their plans are in line with industry expert works.

With accreditation service programs, communities and industries are represented at an additional level of confidence, knowing that the program has been reviewed by a neutral third party and has been found to meet or exceed reasonable logging, security, objectivity and professional levels. ICAC itself acts under international guidelines established as a state assurance management for accreditation bodies (ISO or IEC 17011 – Conformity Assessment: General Requirements for the Accreditation Bodies Accreditation Bodies). Also has verified assessment instruments including methods that ensure certification bodies remain in agreement including ISO / IEC 17024 (2012): Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for this People’s Operations Certification Body.

Features of the ICAC Board of Directors including its various committees are missionaries that utilize many ages of expertise in leading charitable institutions. In recent years, the market has seen more and more certification programs emerge, evaluating individual competencies on a number of skills and in many areas. Unfortunately, not all certification programs are developed and managed in a way that convinces the general public that a particular certification program achieves what its claim can achieve. Just as your organization’s certification program seeks to reassure consumers that successful applicants have been evaluated by neutral third parties and have found holding core competencies to fulfill the tasks associated with certification – ICAC provides the same certainty that the entire program accreditation service has been evaluated by a third party Which is neutral and in accordance with industry best practices.

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